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Post Cardiac Arrest Care

3rd International Symposium, Lund (SWE) September 4-5 2017


La città svedese di Lund ospiterà, nei giorni 4 e 5 settembre 2017 il Terzo simposio internazionale dedicato a Post Cardiac Arrest Care.

Sito web dedicato all’evento:

Scadenza tariffa early: 30 giugno 2017

Scadenza invio abstract (per informazioni dettagliate cliccare qui): 9 giugno 2017

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Post Cardiac Arrest Care – Focusing on:
• Neuroprognostication
• Follow-up
• Quality-of-life
• Rehabilitation

Welcome to the third international symposium on post cardiac arrest care focusing on neuroprognostication, cognitive follow-up, health-related quality-of-life and rehabilitation after cardiac arrest.
The symposium will be a two-day event, with an update on neuroprognostication on day one, and presentation of novel follow-up and rehabilitation data on day two.
A separate course on simplified continuous EEG (aEEG) will also be held on day two.
The 34th SSAI Congress will be held in Malmö on September 6-8. Take the opportunity to attend both meetings:
The target audience is all professionals engaged in the care and follow-up of cardiac arrest survivors and their relatives!
We thus welcome registered nurses and physicians within relevant specialties like critical care medicine, cardiology, neurology and rehabilitation medicine as well as occupational therapists, physiotherapists and psychologists.


More information can be found on our webpage:

Very welcome to Lund!

Manuali e pubblicazioni suggerite

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