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Catch the beat with the “live long and prosper” viral slogan!

Help to spread cardiac arrest awareness in the medical literature


“A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. LLAP (Live Long and Prosper)” by Leonard Nimoy.



Leonard Nimoy, who played “Mr. Spock on the original Star Trek series, died on February 27th, 2015 at the age of 83. Nimoy signed all his tweets with “LLAP” or “Live Long and Prosper”, his peculiar catchphrase from the Star Trek series and films. Nimoy had announced via Twitter last year that he had been diagnosed with COPD, a chronic respiratory disease caused by smoking that has no cure (Figure 1). He then encouraged his followers to stop smoking1.



Figure 1 The last Leonard Nimoy’s “Mr. Spock” tweet


The most widely used and recognized approach to spread the word about study results and new clinical discoveries is publishing scientific articles mainly on peer review journals. Recently, some articles have been published about the use of social networks for medical education and sci-fi referencing as an alternative approach to increase awareness about cardiac arrest in healthcare professionals and in general population2-4 .


On June 14th, 2012, a declaration from the European Parliament called to establish a European cardiac arrest awareness week aimed at improving the awareness and education of the general public, physicians and healthcare professionals5. As a consequence, the European Resuscitation Council’s (ERC) Restart a Heart Day campaign was created calling on National Councils to establish a European cardiac arrest awareness campaigns in each Member State. The Italian Resuscitation Council (IRC) has answered to this call and planned a series of structured projects to organize in the best way possible, since 2013, the week of awareness in Italy, the so called “Viva!” week. Viva is an Italian word meaning both “alive” and “long life for”.


This article aims to keep “alive” awareness and invite all the international researchers and authors of upcoming articles submitted to Resuscitation, the official ERC’s journal, and other medical journals to participate to a social “viral” experiment on cardiac arrest awareness in medical literature. We invite all the readers of this article to insert in their manuscript, that is going to be submitted to a medical journal, the slogan “live long and prosper” referencing this “special awareness campaign”, and use the social networks (Twitter, Facebook, ResearchGate and others) with #LLAP #CPR #(Name of journal), when published, to spread the message through the medical community.


We would like to thank you all in advance for your help and support.

At the end, do remember… “Should any member of your team be caught or killed, we will disavow all knowledge of your actions. This message will self-destruct in five seconds”.


The Italian Resuscitation Council Executive Committee



1 Leonard Nimoy’s Final Tweet Will Make You Cry at

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5 Declaration of the European Parliament of 14 June 2012 on establishing a European cardiac arrest awareness week at


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Manuali e pubblicazioni suggerite

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